The thing about Colleen Wild is that you believe every word that she sings. She has lived, learned and grown through her songs. She has a gift for using the music to bring out the emotion in her already well crafted lyrics, weaving her way down a road that you have been invited as a listener to go down with her. She allows the listener to stand back and take it all
or join her so you don’t feel alone in the journey.

Colleen Wild is a singer songwriter with a career spanning over 20 years in live music and writing settings. Spanning different decades, styles and genres of music she creates a collaboration of sounds unique to her.


Colleen Wild and the Haunted is her new all original band releasing music, starting this February.  

Colleen is also 50% of Americana duo Echo and Ransom with long time friend and local singer/songwriter Jason Benefield. 

Taking on a few hats, she is the voice of Penny Aster in The Spectral Silhouette Radio Show and a lead/supporting vocalist in The Black and Blue hearts jazz project.

Joining forces with another local singer/songwriter and good friend Cheryl Rodey to for the pop rock duo Wild & Rodey. 

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