The Spectral Silhouette Radio Show

New Episodes monthly

“Normal and paranormal beware, The Spectral Silhouette will always be there!”

Inspired by old time radio programs such as The Shadow, The Whistler, and Green Hornet, this pulpy audio drama is an original work with music performed by The Black and Blue Hearts. Sponsored by Skeleton Key Brewery, SS centers around mystery, murder, ghosts, werewolves, and great beer.

Detective Monty Eldritch was shot during an armed robbery. Legally dead for five minutes, he shakes the cold grip of the grim reaper with the help of the paramedics. When he regains consciousness, he finds that he can hear the voice of a deceased mobster named Sil. The two agree to work together to find Sil’s murderers in exchange for assistance with Monty’s cases. Aided by his old friend Penny Aster, and otherworldly insights from his ghostly ally, Monty becomes The Spectral Silhouette.

Live readings of the show are performed on a bimonthly basis at Skeleton Key Brewery in Woodridge, IL. You can catch performances the third Thursday of the month (Dec, Feb, Apr, etc). The show features a full voice cast and jazz band. Shows sell out fast, so make a reservation if you're in the Chicagoland area!